2016 Speakers

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Joel Steege

Family of FilmMakers

Joel and Lisa Steege and their 8 Children, also known as Little Crew Studios, released their first award winning feature film, The Runner from Ravenshead, in 2010 and have recently released their newest film The Defense of New Haven (spring 2016).

Brett Varvel

Brett has been making movies since he was a teenager. In 2008 he directed and starred in The Board, and God used the creation of this film to call Brett into full-time ministry. God gave him a vision to create a non-profit film production company. In 2010 he was able to see that vision come to life by starting House of Grace Films. His most recent feature “The War Within” has won 7 major film festival awards and is available in Christian bookstores, online, and in several territories around the globe.
Brett’s most passionate and comfortable in the Director’s chair, but also loves to write, produce, and act in films as well. He is an Emmy award winning director and a two-time David Letterman Scholarship winner. Brett’s ambition and passion in life is to share the precious gospel of Christ through film.
He resides in Indianapolis with his wife Christina and their two children.

Ted Byfield

Journalist, Publisher, Author

Edward Bartlett “Ted” Byfield is a conservative Canadian journalist, publisher, and editor. He founded the Alberta Report and Western Report newsmagazines. He is currently the president and chairman of SEARCH (The Society to Explore and Record Christian History) and general editor of the Christian history book series The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years.

Kurtis Kristianson

Photographer, Videographer

Kurtis Kristianson (Spindrift Photography) is an award winning professional photographer based in Southern Alberta. Proficient in capturing difficult angles and hard-to-get perspectives, Kurtis specializes in photographing in hazardous locations for big business and extreme sports video.

Dallas Lammiman

Director, Production Designer, Visual Effects Supervisor

Dallas has been making films for 10 years as part of the MovieMakers team. Dallas has directed multiple award winning educational, documentary and feature films. He also served as Visual Effects Supervisor for Remember which won a Platinum Pixie award for its visual effects.

Greg Lammiman

Screen Writer, Editor, Producer

Greg Lammiman is the other half of the MovieMakers team. He acts as screen writer, producer, assistant director and editor. MovieMakers is best known for the feature films Remember, My Grandpa Detective and Mayflower II.

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